The GUT Project Presentation #2

DSCF1543webcopyWith our first public presentation of our 2 month long, school wide study of the human digestive system complete, we are gearing up for our second show.  On Wednesday, April 25th, from 10:25-11:30 we hope you can join us at the school to see what the students have created.  This project was made possible through a nearly $10,000 grant Grindrod Elementary received from the Artstarts Program.  It is facilitated by local artists and community health services and of course support by our staff.  The students are very proud of their learning and work on this project and it certainly shows in their performance.


Lily, Ava, Georgia and Lou act our their roles as the liver and pancreas in front of a captivated audience of multi-aged onlookers.  There message emphasizes the challenge sugar presents to our digestive system!