Bell Schedule Adjusted to Accommodate Students on Busses-Changed August 30th

Please note that we have made a last minute adjustment to our bell schedule. With our bus students travelling from a wide area around Grindrod School, our bussing needs are complex. Every effort is made to make our bus runs as safe and efficient as possible. In order to support all students who receive transportation support, we have made this bell schedule adjustment. See below for details.


8:10 a.m. School begins
8:10 – 9:39 Instructional time
9:39 – 9:54 Recess
9:54 – 11:22 Instructional time
11:22 – 11:47 LUNCH BREAK – Students go outside to play
11:47 – 12:04 Students eat their lunches in their classrooms
12:04 – 2:02 Instructional time
2:02 p.m. School dismissal