Math Workshop For Parents

Math instruction has changed significantly from when many of us went to school. The goal is not just to memorize math process but to have a deeper understand of numeracy concepts. In order for educators to achieve this, they must instruct students using manipulatives, games and a variety of other strategies.

Torin and Colton work with math manipulatives to solve problems.

We know that parents are our partners in your child’s educational journey, and it is important that you know how we teach numeracy now. To help our families more fully understand the changes to our instruction, we are hosting a Math Night on April 24th from 6:00-7:00pm. Three of our school staff, as well as our district Numeracy Coordinating Teacher, will be here to demonstrate what we do to teach students addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and if time permits, factions. Babysitting will be provided. Please join us for this one hour workshop. You will be so much more able to support your child’s learning in math.

Students Explore Their Creativity

Oceanna’s Northern Landscape pastel smudge picture. This was part of a Ted Harrison style art lesson done with the grade 5-7 age level.

Our students have been challenged to work creatively in many areas of the curriculum this term. In Applied Design, Skills and Technologies a class was challenged to build Gravity propelled cars for the On the Move Car Rally, Another class designed Rube Goldberg machines and incorporated the knowledge of Global Warming and animal adaptations to create super bogs from clay. On 100s day our younger students build castles, edible necklaces and a variety of other creations to represent the number 100. Students have also created puppet shows and are preparing for our annual “Grindrod’s Got Talent” show to be held on Thursday, March 14th beginning at 12:30 in our gym. Everyone is welcome to join us for this show.

This week, if you go to Piccadilly Mall in Salmon Arm, you will see our students’ artwork displayed along with many other school from our district. This is an annual elementary art extraveganza which is highlighted on Wednesday when we will send our Grindrod contingent of students to workshops hosted by regional art experts. Over 300 students participate in these workshops and all of our elementary schools display art in the mall so it is well worth a visit.

Winter Rec a Big Success

Students had great adventures during our annual Winter Recreation Program. Our kindergarten and grade 1/2 class skated, our grade 2/3, 3/4 and some grade 5/6s cross country skied and hiked and many of our grade 5/6/7s downhill skied at Silver Star. Our PAC was tremendously supportive, funding transportation costs for these activities. Our goal in doing a Winter Rec Program is to introduce our students to fun, physical, local, relatively affordable life long winter activities.

Our 2019 School Pirate Loppett Team!

Now we are on to our PAC Funded gymnastics program. The dates are February 21st, 22nd, 28th and March 1st. Parents are invited to come in and observe any time but especially on the last day of the program when the kids know their skills and movement patterns.

January is Winter Rec. Month

We have some amazing learning activities happening this month from the design of Rube Goldberg’s and “On The Move Car Rally” creations to book reviews, great writing, challenging numeracy and art projects. As well our school basketball program begins with both boys and girls teams. One of our January highlights is always our annual Winter Recreation program that features skating, snowshoeing and cross country or downhill skiing. The event your child participates in is largely dependent on their grade. The program focusses on exposing children to local, affordable outside winter activities. Parent involvement is always important in making this program a success so feel very welcome to join us on our Winter Rec. days.

Grade 1/2s Visit Kingfisher

Today our grade 1/2 class ventured out to the Kingfisher Interpretive Center to learn about the traditional winter home of our local Indigenous Peoples: the Kekuli.  The students also explored the local forest trails and river’s edge where they will release the salmon they are raising at the school.  Although the weather was a bit bleak, the students and staff reported the trip was a big success!  They will return in the spring where their “Grindrod grown” fish are ready for release into the Shuswap River.  

                              Enjoying the heat of the fire in the Kekuli.