Winter Concert on Thursday

This Thursday, December 12th we will host two concerts. This first begins at 10:15am and the second is at 6:00pm. The theme of our concert this year is “A Night at the Movies,” a features dramatic performances by students in the grade 5/6/7 class as well as theme songs by all classes. The students were enthusiastic about the theme and are very excited to share their performance with you! Both performances will be in full costume. Our singers are asked to dress in their best for the concert and can add some Christmas or winter themed accents if they’d like. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Mr. Koenig directs the action at our Monday concert rehearsaL.

Family Letter Writing Day

Each year we promote writing by hosting a Family letter writing day. This is a time for family and friends of our students to come to the school and sit with our kids to write letters for the holiday season. Before the event we teach proper letter writing format. On Letter Writing Day, Friday, December 6th, we invite our post master to join us at the school to sell stamps and post letters. Send a few dollars with your child if you would like to buy these stamps or bring your own when you come. Also, please send your home address and three mailing addresses of family and friends so your child knows where to mail their letters. The fun begins at 12:45 on the 6th!

Jaxon shows off his Genius Project with Colton looking on!

Goal Setting Conferences

This Thursday, November 21st, our students, parents and teachers will meet to discuss student progress and goals for the coming months. This face to face meeting is an important opportunity for parents and teachers to meet with the children to celebrate successes and set the stage for further progress. Parents have had the opportunity to sign up online and we thank everyone for supporting this new method. If you have not yet signed up please contact your child’s teacher or use the link sent to you to set a time. Parents who are unable to meet on Thursday can also contact the classroom teacher to organize an alternate meeting time. Please bring your child with you to these conferences.

A reminder that we have early dismissal at 11:22 on Thursday.. Busses will run early on this day. If you pick up your child, please make arrangements for an early pick up on this day.

Students Visit UBC Okanagan

Members of the Grindrod Grizzlies volleyball team met the UBC Okanagan University volleyball team after cheering them on to victory against the Manitoba Bisons. This is our team’s second year visiting the university to promote our team’s volleyball development. The players were thrilled to meet the varsity team and to have autographs signed.