Early Registration Day-Tuesday, August 28th

With school just over a week away we want to remind anyone who has moved into the area that we have an early opportunity to register for the upcoming school year.  Our office will be open on Tuesday, August 28th from 9:00 am-2:00 pm.  Our secretary, Mrs. Tessel, reminds everyone to bring their child’s birth certificate and health card when they come in to register.DSC_0163

Life Lessons During Swim Week

Living near lakes and rivers presents wonderful opportunities for children to experience the outdoors using a very important set of skills.  Being able to swim enables us to enjoy these spaces in a safe way.  That’s why Grindrod School organizes swim lessons at the Enderby Pool each June.  Thanks to the generous support of our PAC and the capable coordination of Enderby Recreation Department staff, all of our classes will attend swim lessons all five days this week.  What a great way to slide into summer!DSC_0958

Monday Morning Surprise



Students were thrilled when they arrived at school Monday morning.  Waiting for them was the school’s new Gaga dodge ball pit.  The pit was made by Mr. Brad Raglan with his support assembly team consisting of his family members Kim, Ellena, Brin and Torin, along with Cordell Anker and  Kayden Loewen.  Awesome work team…thanks from everyone here at Grindrod Elementary!

What an Active Week!

IMG_0147IMG_0166On Thursday, 44 grade 4-7 students and their adult support team traveled to Kekuli Bay to ride the rail trail as part of the Bike to School initiative.  The group biked about 8 km ending their ride at Kalamalka Beach.  They then headed off to Polson Park for lunch and fun in the water park.  It was an awesome ride and a great way to promote active living.

DSC_0188DSC_0258Twenty athletes from our school participated in the school district track meet this past Tuesday.  All demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and a spirit of fun while doing their very best in their various events.  Some top results include Kyla Yurkin and Riley Mceown advancing to the 100 meter sprint finals finishing 7th, Jason Schewa finishing 6th in the 1500 meter race, Kayden Loewen finishing 6th in the grade 5 long jump, Riley Mceown finishing 4th in the grade 7 long jump.  Ava Hawrys was crowned the district champion grade 6 ball thrower.  We are very proud of all our athletes!



Our district is host this parent workshop for all those interested in knowing more about this topic.  Please feel welcome to attend.