Egg Drop Challenge Tests Creative Thinking Skills

Grindrod’s division 1,2 and 3 students were challenged to build a flying machine that would allow an egg to drop slowly to the ground from the roof of the school without breaking.  The design task had two goals, to protect the egg and to keep the egg in the air as long as possible.  Students worked in teams of 2-3 to build their flying machines, demonstrating their ingenuity, teamwork and creativity.  Students gave their aircraft great names such as “Double Black”, a design using two black garbage bags, “The Mary Poppins”, a design that utilized an umbrella and the “The Popcorn Machine” that used popcorn to absorb the impact of the fall.  These represent only a few of the 34 designs created for this project.   Part of the Applied Design, Skills and Technology methodology is to test, refine/redesign and retest process so students will go back to the drawing board to improve their aircraft before the retest next Tuesday.

The picture below shows Anson and Nathan with their winning entry “Rough Rider.”


Top designs from each class were (division 3) Anson’s and Nathan’s “Rough Rider” which stayed in the air for 2.79 seconds, (division 2) Payton’s and Justise’s “Helium Balloon Mobile” that stayed in the air for 2.81 seconds, and Ben’s, Quinten’s and Jay’s “Care Package” that stayed airborne for 2.89.  Honourable mention goes to Zack’s and Connor’s “SS Eggs Beni” that flew for 2.78 seconds.

Students Visit the Adam’s River Sockeye Run

IMG_1485On Tuesday, October 9th, 65 of our grade 3-7 students made the trip to the shores of the Adams River to witness the amazing spawning sockeye spectacle.  After taking in two mini lessons lead by Oceans and Fisheries biologists, our students explored the shoreline and trails, watching the Salmon prepare their Redds, laying their eggs and defending their spawning grounds.  We were fortunate to enjoy fantastic weather.  This hands on learning opportunity was made possible because we received a $580 Go Grant this fall.

Students continue to learn about the sockeye lifecycle as part of their science studies at the school.  Our three primary classes will travel to the Kingfisher Interpretive Center this spring to release the salmon we raise.IMG_1530

Corn Roast a Big Success

IMG_0375On Thursday, September 20th we hosted our annual Corn Roast-Meet the Staff event.  It was fantastic to re-acquaint ourselves with the community, meet new families and chat about our growing school and start up.  The weather held off just enough to be outside and many families joined us even though the sky looked ominous.  We would like to that John and June deDood of Farmer John’s in Grindrod for donating all the very tasty corn for the roast.   We also extend our sincere appreciate to Sara Maier for offering her time and talents to helping us host this event!

Reminders for next week…

Wednesday is Beach Day at Water Wheel Park in Enderby.  The event is focussed around celebrating the gifts of the river.  Students will do water creature (bug) investigations, learn about and build mini-traditional winter and summer homes of the Shuswap People, and study and build water craft that was used on the river through the years.  As this is also our Orange Shirt Day, one of our stations will be devoted to recognizing the issues associated to Residential Schools.  Connecting the river to our Indigenous Peoples traditional ways of life is important to us and we are pleased to have Tara Willard, an indigenous education worker and a member of the Splatsin Nation welcome us to the traditional territory of the Secwepemc and to host a drumming workshop for all our students, teaching them a river song.  At the end of the day, all of our students will give the gift of song to the river by singing and drumming on the beach.  We hope many of our parents will join us.  We are offering a hot dog for lunch but students should still bring healthy snacks and a water bottle.  Students will all be bussed to and from the beach.

On Thursday we travel to MV Beattie for our first cultural event of the year.  We will be watching Dancers of Damelhamid – In Abundance.  In Abundance is the Dancers of Damelahamid’s dance piece for young audiences. The main theme of the dance piece is based on the salmon cycle, and conveys important cultural teachings on balance, community and sustainability. The salmon symbolize abundance and are a key reminder of the importance to value and protect this essential resource. The final teaching of In Abundance is that when we take only what we need there is plenty for all, including the salmon needed to spawn for the next year’s cycle.  We are all bussing to this event.

On Friday, begging at 12:45 in the gym, we will have our first Month End Student Celebration Assembly.  Students in each class that have distinguished themselves in citizenship, effort, leadership or/and achievement will be recognized.  Following the assembly we will participate in our annual Terry Fox Run.  We would like to encourage each child to bring a loonie or toonie as a donation to the Terry Fox Cancer Research Foundation.  As always, parents, grandparents and guardians are welcome to join us for these events.

We Are Growing

We had a wonderful start to the 2018-2019 school year by welcoming 19 new kindergartens and many new Grade 1-7 students to Grindrod Elementary.  Just two years ago our population was hoovering around 70 and as of Friday we had 123 students on our register!  That’s a lot of growth in two years.  We are looking forward to an amazing year!  Below is a list of some of our special events for September.  We hope you can attend some.

September 17        Professional Developments Day – students do not attend school.

September 20th    Our Annual Corn Roast and Dinner 4:30-6:00 at the school.  This is a family event and an opportunity to meet our staff in an informal setting.

September 21st     Beach Day- We take all of our students on an outdoor learning day to Water Wheel Park in Enderby.

September 26th   Orange Shirt Day which recognizes the Residential Schools  History

September 28th   Terry Fox Run and our month end celebration assembly 12:45-1:45.


Early Registration Day-Tuesday, August 28th

With school just over a week away we want to remind anyone who has moved into the area that we have an early opportunity to register for the upcoming school year.  Our office will be open on Tuesday, August 28th from 9:00 am-2:00 pm.  Our secretary, Mrs. Tessel, reminds everyone to bring their child’s birth certificate and health card when they come in to register.DSC_0163